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christian mission in trichy


The ministry of bible pathway is an absolute miracle. When you think of its very humble beginnings and where it is today it is astounding! Today it is one of the most strategic ministries placing total emphasis on the power of the whole counsel of God’s word to change lives and to affect the destiny of nations. Bible pathway’s daily devotional content points out the necessity of a right relationship with God and our responsibility to others.
Bible pathway is endorsed by leaders from all major Bible- reading denominations. Through Bible Pathway, we focuses on practical solutions to our daily emotional, spiritual, and moral well-being. It is a Christ-centered, nondenominational easy to follow daily devotional commentary through all the Bible. Bible pathway is a method which is designed to make the bible comprehensible and the study of it rich. We help you discover for yourself what the Bible says. We find you a fresh and enjoyable way to do Bible study.
From the very beginning of the Ministry, Bible pathway has fought the good fight of faith. God has done great things through this ministry with a small staff. The ministry has grown through the years often with limited funds.

Our Ministries

Our Bible Pathway helps Pastors, Professors, trainers and our believers in God to empower themselves.
Its emphasis is on the entire Word Of God.